MiKen has focused on a range of product types, bringing residential, mixed-use, and commercial developments to the communities in which it works. MiKen is truly a neighborhood-centric developer, working almost exclusively within neighborhoods that are undergoing the challenging process of redevelopment and specializing in identifying infill sites with the ability to transform and strengthen existing neighborhood dynamics. The team has built a reputation as local experts within the neighborhoods in which they work, as they have been consistently on the forefront of redevelopment in the neighborhoods of Nashville’s urban core. MiKen’s developments are defined by the practices of Smart Growth and the principles of New Urbanism, and integrate visionary practices at every level of the development process.

While MiKen’s past projects primarily consisted of scattered-site single family homes and cottage developments within redeveloping neighborhoods, in recent years, MiKen has added mixed-use and commercial developments to its portfolio. MiKen has announced plans for upcoming mixed-use developments, including The Phoenix, along the booming 51st Avenue. While these mixed-use developments diversify MiKen’s portfolio and are reflective of MiKen’s commitment to the principles of Smart Growth and New Urbanism, MiKen has not abandoned its original line of work, residential infill. Treaty Oaks, MiKen’s 60-unit cottage development is currently under construction in The Nations, and MiKen has secured approval to develop an additional 62-unit townhome project, The Annex, in the neighborhood.