MiKen is committed to the belief that there is a mutually supportive relationship between strong communities and strong developments. At MiKen, we believe that investing comprehensively in the communities in which we work is not only our social responsibility, but also key to successful development. Thus, as a result of our team’s strong business acumen, understanding of the best urban development practices, and desire to better the areas in which we live and work, MiKen is consistently on the leading edge of socially conscious development.

Strong Developments
Mutually-Supportive Relationship
Strong Communities

Work Defined

MiKen’s work is defined by the principles of Smart Growth and New Urbanism. MiKen believes that strong, vibrant, and diverse developments are the key to successful communities. MiKen thus maintains a commitment to socially conscious development, consideration for communities, and advocacy efforts. Included in the values we seek to make the cornerstone of our developments are:

  • Walkability
  • Complete streets
  • Compact mixed-use communities
  • Sustainability
  • Range of housing opportunities and choices
  • Placemaking
  • Community and stakeholder collaboration


Deeply dedicated to educating the community about its role in the development process, MiKen has given numerous presentations to neighborhoods, organizations, and colleagues about equitable redevelopment. As part of this neighborhood-centric philosophy, MiKen founded a tactical urbanism forum, TURBO (Tactical Urbanism Organizers) for Nashville in partnership with the Nashville Civic Design Center (NCDC). MiKen takes a comprehensive approach to neighborhood development, striving to create smart developments and strong communities, results that in turn are mutually supportive. In 2015, Michael Kenner received the Nashville Civic Design Center’s prestigious “Friend of Public Space Award” for his work with TURBO and promotion of walkability and increased public space in the urban core.


MiKen works extensively with the local government to promote policies that support equitable redevelopment rather than socioeconomic gentrification of preexisting communities. Acutely aware of the the intersection between neighborhood development and local politics, the MiKen team advocates on a local and national level through the city’s Nashville Next initiative and the Urban Land Institute. Michael Kenner, MiKen’s founder, was the youngest member of Mayor Megan Barry’s Nashville Business Council and has helped pen policy to ensure contextual responsibility in civic design. He has also been engaged with policy work surrounding the establishment of design standards, including a sub-standard lot variance policy for Nashville. Most notably, MiKen is considered a key figure in the fight to preserve affordability.

Community organization and initiative involvement