MiKen Development is a residential and commercial real estate developer of urban neighborhoods in Nashville, TN. We believe in community regrowth and revitalization of the urban core. MiKen’s mission is to create innovation with re-urbanization. Simply put, we engage, innovate, and create. 

MiKen’s comprehensive development approach encompasses a consideration for the community, smart design principles, and innovative solutions.  By focusing on one neighborhood at a time and providing a range of products, MiKen ingrains itself in the communities that it builds in and acts as an advocate for the neighborhood itself. The result is the co-creation of vibrant, walkable, mixed-use communities. 

In order to accomplish this feat, MiKen builds community capacity, engaging with neighborhood organizations and local leaders. Our specialty is working closely with neighborhoods and the community on land use issues and policy throughout the development process.

Since MiKen Development was formed in 2012, it has been responsible for developing over 200 units within the urban core of Nashville and has a current pipeline of approximately 500 more units. MiKen has been featured in several local and national publications for cutting-edge development practices and continues to receive recognition for its work as neighborhood advocates and socially conscious developers.


MiKen is elevating the Nashville urban core’s built environment through a range of product types, including residential, mixed-use, and commercial.  MiKen specializes in identifying infill sites with the ability to transform and strengthen existing neighborhood dynamic.  Truly a neighborhood-centric developer, MiKen works almost exlusively within neighborhoods that are undergoing the challenging process of redevelopment.


MiKen leads grassroots engagement and advocacy efforts within neighborhoods to help them throughout the rapid process of redevelopment within Nashville, TN, currently one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  MiKen also works with the local government to promote policies that support equitable redevelopment rather than socioeconomic gentrification of preexisting communities.


MiKen was founded in 2012 by Michael Kenner, Nashville native and tireless advocate for urban neighborhoods and equitable development. Since then, MiKen’s team has grown and is now made up of leaders who each bring their unique areas of expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive to elevate Nashville’s built environment.